BKB Spring Update: #QUALS Edition

Hey! We’re still here! After a (relatively) brief hiatus from posting, we’re back! Sorry, been a long and grueling (see: mind-numbing boredom) winter training block. But now spring is back in Bloomington and so is Little 500 season!

Over Spring Break, we started it off strong by taking a team ride up to Indy to grab some Girogio’s Pizza, because in the land of BKB nothing is more worthwhile than trekking to food. After that, the bonding of the team almost seemed to increase 100-fold. It’s interesting how after spending months together, one event can bring a group of guys so much closer together. After that, it was time for track hours which all teams, including us, desperately needed due to the track only opening a couple days prior (the largest snow of the season would be right before the track is scheduled to open…classic). We maximized this time and did far too much riding that consisted of circles, but that’s the sport! Even though it seems painful objectively, Spring Break is almost certainly every Little 500 rider’s favorite time of year, as it’s a fantastic time to create an entire, vibrant community of just riders in the city. Further, these alliances (or rivalries) formed over break always seem to have a way of popping up come April.

Now that Spring Break is over and all of the students are back, it’s time for everyone’s favorite times of year: #QUALS. This year, BKB is sending out Spencer, Tyler, Charlie and Mike to try to achieve the last feat a BKB team has yet to conquer: the green jersey. We roll promptly at 11:50, and we hope to see the #SeaOfGeeds strong and loud! Good luck, gents!


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