Spring Series Recap

The Spring Cycling Series wrapped up this past weekend, and the race is just over a week away.  Here is a quick recap of recent events:

Quals: BKB had a clean first run after a delay-filled day to briefly take the pole before being superseded by Wright Cycling who blazed into the pole, a position they’d keep the rest of the day.  BKB finished up 6th with a time of 2:26.893 to secure a second row starting position.  Great work all around by the team of Spencer, Mike, Charlie, and Tyler.

BKB Quals Team 2015
BKB Quals Team 2015 – (l-r) Spencer Brauchla, Mike Chettleburgh, Charlie Hammon, and Tyler Hart. photo credit: Little 500 Hub

ITTs: BKB placed 3 riders in the top 10 and two more in the top 25, to tie with Beta Theta Pi for the Spring Series lead after ITTs. Individual places and times are listed below:

Spencer Brauchla, 6th, 2:22.85

Tyler Hart, 7th, 2:23.08

Luke Kalbfell, 10th, 2:23.89

Nick Hartman, 14th, 2:24.38

Charlie Hammon, 25th, 2:25.60

Mike Chettleburgh, 42nd, 2:28.76

Maddison Russell, 52nd, 2:29.51

Great job all around by the guys.

IMG_3476 FQ
Tyler Hart rides in Individual Time Trials. Photo credit: Ren-Jay

Miss N Out: Following an emotional week which began with news that we had lost one of our founding brothers to cancer, the guys rallied this past weekend to close out the Spring Series on a high note.  Tyler Hart led the team with a 4th place finish in Miss N Out.  Luke Kalbfell advanced to the Semifinals while Nick Hartman, Mike Chettleburgh, and Spencer Brauchla all advanced to the Quarterfinals.

IMG_3579 FQ
Nick Hartman rides in the opening round of Miss N Out. Photo credit: Ren-Jay
IMG_3625 FQ
Tyler Hart competes in the 2015 Miss N Out. Photo credit: Ren-Jay

Team Pursuit: BKB fielded two teams in Team Pursuit, finishing an unprecedented 1st and 3rd, respectively.  BKB 1 advanced to the finals with a time of 9:07.61 and lowered their mark in the final round against Delta Tau Delta, winning in a time of 8:56.42.  BKB 2 just barely missed advancing to the finals, turning in a 9:15.35 with only three riders, only 2.89 seconds behind the Delts team.  The team dedicated their victory to CT Blackwell, our fallen brother.  In winning Team Pursuit, the team secured the overall victory in the Spring Series and thus there will be no white jersey worn in the race, as the BKBs will be wearing yellow as the defending champions.

IMG_3653 FQ
(l-r) Spencer Brauchla, Nick Hartman, Tyler Hart, and Luke Kalbfell ride in Team Pursuit. Photo credit: Ren-Jay
IMG_3668 FQ
(l-r) Mike Chettleburgh, Charlie Hammon, and Maddison Russell ride in Team Pursuit. Photo credit: Ren-Jay
IMG_3677 FQ
BKB 2015 celebrates their Team Pursuit and Spring Series victories. (l-r) Noah Voyles, Luke Kalbfell, Tyler Hart, Spencer Brauchla, Nick Hartman, Charlie Hammon, Mike Chettleburgh, and Maddison Russell. Photo credit: Ren-Jay
IMG_3925 from Norm
The BKB team and staff. Photo credit: Norm Houze

Congratulations to all the teams, men’s and women’s, who participated in the Spring Series!  The team is looking forward to a great race against a competitive field!


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