Autumn Updates

After a long and relaxing summer, BKB found themselves back in action once again when everyone got back to beautiful Bloomington for the fall semester. Starting off the season with a quick century to Dave’s in Greenwood, training was fully underway! The team got a taste of track action early with the first round of Thursday Night Races, with BKB’s Nick Hartman taking wins in all three events in the top division, with Maddison Russell taking two of three in the second division.

After some more training, BKB was back at it in Fall Series. Luke Kalbfell led the team to a third in ITTs with a score of other dominating the top ten. The next day, a wet and messy Street Sprints didn’t hold Noah Voyles back from taking a fourth-place finish on the day. Finally, in BKB’s favorite event, we captured the top two team spots in Cyclocross, a beautiful fall day filled with obstacles and fun galore. Once the scores were settled, BKB won the overall and gained the ability to choose its own quals time this spring.

Although BKB’s actions on the cinders have been fantastic, we’ve been plagued with our fare share of bad luck. Almost right after our season kickoff the Dave’s, Mike was doored by a sedan and shattered his kneecap in three places. Astoundingly, he’s at least 4 weeks ahead of recovery as of this posting and is already on the bike, ’cause he’s awesome. Further, Nick got hit by a motorcycle the morning on ITTs while on a warm-up spin into Martinsville, fracturing a bone in his hand and creating what may be the most annoying injury of all time.

Finally, BKB has a great new crop of rookies that confirm the future is bright. Xavier Martinez, formerly a runner/townie from Bloomington, Kevin Mangel of Valpo (so obviously an excellent pedigree — ed.) and finally Will Ottenweller, a promising sophomore with a Little 500 background via his sister (formerly of Army Cycling), plan to keep BKB going strong into the future.

Go Bulls!



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